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What we believed were the laws of physics and matter are really the archetypal laws of mind, and the condensation of consciousness that created our universe originated from a dimensionless point in the void known in physics as the “Singularity” and in mathematics and philosophy as the “Monad.

In philosophy, the Monad is the is the indivisible source that created our reality. In mathematics, it is the origin of all numbers and geometry that describe Nature. In science, the Monad is the Big Bang explosion of consciousness, which physicist Erwin Schrödinger described as “a singularity phasing within all beings.”

This podcast covers "The Monad Manifesto," which is chapter 1 of The Monad Manifesto: An Existential Survival Guide (2022) by Dennis William Hauck. Read by Zira DV.

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Taming the Alchemical Dragons

In this lecture at the Philosophical Research Society of Los Angeles, Dennis William Hauck presents an archetypal journey through the metals and the powerful energies they symbolize. The focus is on transmuting each of the seven metals on a planetary spiral of perfection. This is how the great spiritual alchemists of the Renaissance worked in their efforts to "return to the stars."

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The Azoth Meditation

Azoth (áz-oth) is the supreme secret of transformation that contains all things within itself (the "alpha-omega" or "A-Z"). It is also known as the Mercury of the Wise or Universal Cure. The Azoth drawing by Swiss alchemist Basil Valentine (1394-1450) depicts the seven operations of alchemy in a meditative mandala. Further information on the Azoth and a full-size print for meditation can be downloaded from

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In this 1-hour, 20-minute series of meditation, Dennis William Hauck guides the listener through specific meditations for each of the seven operations of alchemy in this powerful recording. From the initial Calcination through Dissolution, Separation, Conjunction, Fermentation, Distillation, the final Coagulation, this is your personal guide to changing your body, mind, and soul through the unlimited power of your indwelling spirit. Includes the Grand Meditation that combines all the basic  operations in one extended session.

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This 15-minute live meditation was recorded during a workshop in the Francis Bacon auditorium on the Rosicrucian campus in San Jose, California. Also known as the "Grand Meditation," it works through the stages of alchemical transformation that are part of the Great Work of alchemy.

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This version of the classic Taoist meditation known as the Golden Flower includes the secret lesser and greater circulations not normally practiced in the West. Dennis William Hauck guides the listener through both lesser circulations Above (upper Tan Tien cauldron) and Below (lower Tan Tien cauldron), and then proceeds to the traditional greater circulation along the Functional channel. This powerful recording guides the listener from the initial charging of the upper and lower cauldrons to the final secret process in the middle Tan Tien cauldron of the Heart. 

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