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What we believed were the laws of physics and matter are really the archetypal laws of mind, and the condensation of consciousness that created our universe originated from a dimensionless point in the void known in physics as the “Singularity” and in mathematics and philosophy as the “Monad.

In philosophy, the Monad is the is the indivisible source that created our reality. In mathematics, it is the origin of all numbers and geometry that describe Nature. In science, the Monad is the Big Bang explosion of consciousness, which physicist Erwin Schrödinger described as “a singularity phasing within all beings.”

This podcast covers "The Monad Manifesto," which is chapter 1 of The Monad Manifesto: An Existential Survival Guide (2022) by Dennis William Hauck. Read by Zira DV.

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In this lecture at the Philosophical Research Society (PRS) of Los Angeles, Dennis William Hauck presents a short history of alchemy centered on the fabled Emerald Tablet and expands the ancient wisdom into a viable discipline of personal transformation for modern times. Topics include Alexandrian alchemists, Balinas (Apollonius), First Matter, the Philosopher's Stone, the seven operations of alchemy, Kurt Godel, Carl Jung, and more.

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A quick reflection on the meaning and power of the Mercury archetype in the modern world by Dennis William Hauck. 

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Wendy Garrett interviews Dennis William Hauck on her Conscious Living show on August 31, 2011. Discussions range from Hauck's personal experiences to how science and spirituality come together in alchemy. The history and principles of the Emerald Tablet are also covered.

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