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What we believed were the laws of physics and matter are really the archetypal laws of mind, and the condensation of consciousness that created our universe originated from a dimensionless point in the void known in physics as the “Singularity” and in mathematics and philosophy as the “Monad.

In philosophy, the Monad is the is the indivisible source that created our reality. In mathematics, it is the origin of all numbers and geometry that describe Nature. In science, the Monad is the Big Bang explosion of consciousness, which physicist Erwin Schrödinger described as “a singularity phasing within all beings.”

This podcast covers "The Monad Manifesto," which is chapter 1 of The Monad Manifesto: An Existential Survival Guide (2022) by Dennis William Hauck. Read by Zira DV.

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Dennis William Hauck discusses clues to the nature of human consciousness as is revealed in paranormal experiences. He reviews his own experiences as well an investigation into the Vineyard House in Coloma, California. This lecture segment is taken from his keynote address to the Pacific Northwest Paranormal Conference in Seattle, Washington, in 2004.

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Interview with Dennis William Hauck on Current Buzz show with John Busbee at KFMG, Des Moines, Iowa. 

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This 12-minute segment is from an interview from the DuLuca Live radio show, WDJQ FM, Canton, Ohio. Complete information on the Grass Lake case can be found at An article on the Alchemy of the Paranormal by Dennis William Hauck is at

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